A downloadable space simulator for Windows and Linux

How do rocket scientists make sure a space mission is successful?
They planet!

Welcome to tsjost's space program where you'll be in charge of successfully  hopefully  mounting your own space missions!


  • Directly control a spacecraft and explore different celestial bodies
  • Realistic n-body gravitation
  • Physically stable time acceleration
  • Built with in-house engine in C++ with OpenGL

This tech demo has been built to test the capabilities of the engine and make sure everything works properly and remains accurate & stable on interplanetary scales. Coming up next will be actual gameplay features!

Planned features:

  • Atmosphere & aerodynamic effects
  • Construct your own crafts, satellites, probes, rovers, and whatnot
  • Disembark and explore planets on foot
  • Hardcore mode
    • Write code to allow your vehicles to function autonomously
    • Interface with sensors, cameras, and the like in your code to gather telemetry to take action on & send back to mission control
    • Code what telemetry to receive and display on the monitors in front of your comfy chair in the mission control room
    • Antennas, signal delay, line of sight, etc
  • VR
  • Multiplayer?

Follow the development on Twitter and/or Discord!


tsjost's space program Tech Demo #01 (Windows) 5 MB
Version 0.0.1 Mar 10, 2019
tsjost's space program Tech Demo #01 (GNU+Linux) 5 MB
Version 0.0.1 Mar 10, 2019

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